Libra Monthly Horoscope For June 2010

There are ways to find out through a reading of the horoscope whether the native will lead the life of luxury, comfort, wealth and attention of the opposite sex or not. sagittarius horoscope

Venus is the significator of luxury and comfort, while the twelfth house, among other things, also represents the pleasure of bed. The fourth house, on the other hand, represents physical comforts and immovable property and more significantly, the waterfront property. Also, the significator of the fourth house, the Moon, plays a major role in acquisition of such property.

Jupiter, the significator of second house (money saved and deposited in the bank, among other things), fifth house (sudden gains and many other others things), and the eleventh house (gains, income, etc). A relation between the above house lords and significator along with a good placement of the first lord can do wonders for the native on the luxury front.

For Aries natives alone the presence of the second lord in the twelfth house is auspicious and excellent. Venus the lord of the second house (Taurus) gets exalted in twelfth house, Pisces. If, along with this, the Moon the lord of the fourth is in the second house, Taurus-in its exaltation-this can surely make a person a beautiful Hollywood star, because the second house represents the face. Such a person will have a moon like appearance provided the Moon is not a new Moon. In addition to this, if Jupiter is also in the fourth house in its exaltation sign of Cancer, thus creating a powerful Hamsa Yog. According to a Sanskrit shloka if Jupiter is present in the fourth house or aspects it, the native will, doubtlessly, enjoy many comforts throughout life. Such a person will be extremely wealthy, will have many followers of the opposite sex, and may as well own a yacht or two.

The presence of Saturn in the seventh house of an Aries native can play a significant role in acquisition of earned wealth. Such a Saturn will be in Venus, in the sign of its exaltation with full directional strength. Saturn the lord of the tenth (Capricorn) and eleventh (Aquarius) is capable of making the native a dollar millionaire if such a Saturn is fully aspected by Jupiter in the eleventh house, the Sun in the fifth house (Leo, its own sign).


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