Hiring a Home Cleaning Service – 5 Helpful Tips

You may have never seen this coming. Surely you would be able to keep up with work, family, and still have time to clean your house, right? Unfortunately, many people are finding that it is impossible to have it all. Or, at least, without a little help. You wouldn’t think twice about putting your child in a daycare if circumstances dictated its necessity, but you might be waffling on hiring a home cleaning service. Who can you trust to come in and be unsupervised around your belongings? Who will do a good job? Here are five tips that can help you hire the right people.


The best way to find any company is always through word of mouth. Businesses treasure this form of advertising, because people see it as so much more authentic than what they see on TV or read in magazines. A company, after all, can say they are the best home cleaning service in the country all day long. It doesn’t prove a thing, other than that they had the money to pay for the advertising. When you can find unpaid customers who will speak just as highly, that means something. Ask your friends and coworkers and see if they can recommend a company.

Check the Better Business Bureau

You’re not going to learn a lot by going to the BBB, but it doesn’t hurt to run a company’s name through their search engine to see what pops up. If you see a long list of customer complaints that haven’t been resolved, it could be a warning sign. You may want to find a company with a cleaner history. Privat rengøring

Avoid Individuals

Unless there aren’t any in your area, you should look for actual companies instead of individuals. That’s not to say you can’t find a good home cleaning service in the back of the newspaper, but only that you’ll have less peace of mind when hiring someone that way. When you go through a company, you have many more resources you can use to check them out.


Make sure any home cleaning service you hire has the proper insurance. Otherwise, if they get injured while in your house, you could be the one held responsible for paying their medical bills and lost wages.


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